Special Balanced IC

The next novelty of 2021 is our main multifunctional symmetrical cable SPECIAL BALANCED IC / ANALOG, which has passed the next stage of modernization.

This product is fundamental in the Special family of copper cables for modern household, professional and on-board audio and multimedia systems. Insulation, damping and noise immunity have been improved in the third generation design. Complex insulation is implemented in the form of a combination of individual 2-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation with an increased thickness of foamed PE, as well as "Standard belt insulation" SDB. As a result, signal energy losses and linear capacitance are significantly reduced.
For the first time, a combined jacket with an inner layer of foamed PVC plastic and an outer layer of Elastollan® TPU was used to effectively absorb mechanical vibrations and noise that negatively affect the audio signal. The multilayer structure of the jacket gives the cable composition increased elasticity, ensures long-term stability of all cable parameters and effectively dampens acoustic noise and vibration loads. Compact RCA and XLR connectors with contacts made of high-purity copper with a wear-resistant gold plating provide reliable contact and convenient connectivity.
This cable is also available in the Sub version for connecting subwoofers. The result of the modernization was increased resolution and dynamics in a wider frequency range. The sound of the audio path when connected with the Special Balanced IC is enriched with the finest musical nuances and acquires a more balanced, informative and emotional character.