Standard Balanced IC

The Tchernov Cable team presents another novelty of 2021 - a multifunctional copper symmetrical cable Standard Balanced IC RCA.

This product has excellent noise immunity and extremely small microphone effect. The design is based on multi-wire BRC conductors, as well as complex insulation of individual 2-layer insulation of CAFPE® conductors with an increased thickness of foamed PE and wrapped insulation made of non-colored PVC with a high attenuation of mechanical vibrations, low permittivity and good filling capacity. The Russian-made PVC jacket provides mechanical strength of the structure and effectively dampens acoustic noise and vibration effects.
Miniature connectors of the new generation Standard NG with contacts made of highly purified copper with a wear-resistant gold plating which have been specially developed, provide long-term contact stability and ease of switching in hard-to-reach places.
This cable is also available in the Sub version for connecting subwoofers. The sound of the Standard Balanced IC is characterized by an even tonal balance, high timbral reliability and excellent dynamics in a wide frequency range.