Ultimate Slim IC

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of sales of the first-born of the new Ultimate’2022 line - the Ultimate Slim IC interconnect cable.

Symmetrical interconnect cable in a reduced form factor is designed to connect small-sized desktop equipment, portable devices and precision on-board installations in a narrow confined space. The new 0.35 mm2 copper BRC+ conductors with a unique chemical composition are laid in a longitudinally fibrous cotton fiber with a large decrement of vibration damping using the FTDA® technology. The combination of individual and wrapping insulation SATI®/SASDB® in the new modification reduced the common-mode component of the distributed capacitance of the cable and reduced dielectric losses to extremely small values. The outer binding layer of the wrapping insulation made of cotton tape effectively dampens the "Multi-element shielding System" X-Shield® SE, minimizing the effect on the signal of the electrodynamic noise of the conductors and the shield. The Elastollan® TPU shell with increased elasticity guarantees unprecedented mechanical strength of the structure, long-term stability of all its parameters and protection from environmental influences. Ultimate S RCA connector with a high-purity copper central pin with wear-resistant gold plating and palladium-coated protective shell provides reliable contact and smooth connectivity with any RCA socket.