An Ultra High End NEMA 5-15 AC connector (USA) for terminating premium power cables.


Type: Ultra High End NEMA 5-15 AC connector (USA)
Specified V/A: 15A/125V
Contacts: microalloyed copper, 5µ 24K gold plated
Body (4 parts) front/middle/rear/inner: die-cast/special brass CuZn39Pb3 with 5µ palladium plating/brass with 5µ palladium plating/ABS
Internal diameter: 21 mm
Cable diameter: max 20,5 mm
Wire gauge: max 6 mm2 (10 AWG)
Dimensions: 40 x 91 mm
Termination type: non-magnetic 24K gold plated «star» type steel set screw
Color: black/palladium plating
Available: in pcs
Country of origin: made in Taiwan

Due to the cable construction complexity and excessive material consumption the initial burn-in period (time during which the best sonic performance is reached) is suggested as 100 hours of uninterrupted music playback at least. We highly recommend playing music of different genres.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.