The recently introduced flagship powerline cord builds on the game-changing DSC (Distributed Symmetrical Conductor) architecture and the new from scratch large BRC+ conductors with the unsurpassed impurity ratio.

The hexagonal spatial conductor straddling enables instantaneous group wave speed, low and stable impedance from DC (0Hz) to tens of MHz’s and significant EMI reduction up to 20-40dB if compared to a conventional twisted conductor arrangement. X-Shield® with constant shielding properties upon curving and reduced contact noise in the shield structure rejects all kind of emitted interferences throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The fully customized Ultimate AC connectors with sturdy double-shell construction guarantee minimal transient resistance, long-term contact stability and extra UHF shielding. The new Ultimate DSC AC Power is definitely the best powerline cord we ever produced. Infinite dynamics, enormous transient speed and awesome scale definition are mated with touching delicacy and transcendental musical suppleness.


Type: Ultra High End 3-pole powerline cord for 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Distributed Symmetric Conductor DSC: two 6.00 mm2 electric energy transmission lines, each comprised of three similar 2.00 mm2 (37 х 0.26 mm) BRC+ conductors, configured around a central grounding conductor (37 х 0.26 mm) in a hexagonal structure 3+3+1 with a maximum packing factor
Insulation: expanded SATI® with more PTFE tape layers
Conductor damping: radial cotton cords
Dielectric binding: modified SASDB® with outer cotton tape layer
Shield: the latest generation of X-Shield®
Jacket: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® with increased elasticity
Protective cover: nylon sleeve
Outer diameter: 19 mm
Termination: IEC-320-C15 or IEC-320-C19 / CEE 7/7 or NEMA 5-15 Ultimate AC connectors with 24K gold plated high purity copper contact groups and anti-resonant double shell bodies for EUR/USA mains variants
Available: in standard terminated lengths
Country of origin: made in Russia

Due to the cable construction complexity and excessive material consumption the initial burn-in period (time during which the best sonic performance is reached) is suggested as 100 hours of uninterrupted music playback at least. We highly recommend playing music of different genres.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

Available Terminated Lengths

1 × 1.65 m
1 × 2.65 m