A streamlined and flexible speaker wire in a 2.0 mm² (15 AWG) size is optimal for various Multimedia and on-board applications.

Adjusted electrical parameters, derived from the advanced conductor weave arrangement contribute to a stress-free amplifier-speaker matching without any limitation in dynamics. An easily bisectable SPVC jacket with low friction simplifies laying in confined trunking and cable management systems. With a modest price tag Standard 2.0 Speaker Wire conveys a full-bodied sound, extracting plenty of power and depth from the bottom octave.


Type: speaker wire with parallel conductor arrangement
Conductor: multi-stranded BRC conductors: 2 x 2.0 mm² (80 x 0.18 mm)
Insulation: low-loss SPVC with antistatic treatment
Outer dimensions: 4 x 8 мм
Available: on spools
Country of origin: made in Russia
Available Spool Lenghts: 180 m

Due to the cable construction complexity and excessive material consumption the initial burn-in period (time during which the best sonic performance is reached) is suggested as 100 hours of uninterrupted music playback at least. We highly recommend playing music of different genres.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.