Dielectric binding is applied over the twisted insulated conductors. Besides individual conductor insulation, additional binding multiplies the cumulative dielectric properties. We developed Standard Dielectric Binding - SDB, and Semi-Air-Spaced Dielectric Binding - SASDB® (Patent RU No.144590U). SDB is a 2-layer bi-directional X-Cross non-polar dielectric tape overlaying process. SASDB® is a 4-layer bi-directional X-cross PTFE (Teflon®) tape overlaying process, where each successor winding of the 3 opposite inner layers is performed with an air gap and the final layer completed with a 30% overlay.
This sophisticated method ensures a class-leading signal energy loss thanks to the solid dielectric material being partially replaced by air spacing, which offers extremely low and frequency independent relative permittivity. Furthermore, due to the ease of mechanical interlayer tensions, vibrations are absorbed efficiently and better flexibility is obtained.